What Makes a Good Profile Photo in over 30s Dating

It stands to reason that you want to put your best foot forward in a dating profile. The very first impression we have of a potential partner on a dating profile is their picture. It can make or break your decision on whether to contact someone. But what if that photo doesn’t do them justice? You may have rejected someone that is your ideal mate, on the basis that they got their thumb over half the image, or had a terrible case of red-eye. You really should give the photo you put on your profile some serious thought. Here are a few tips to get your perfect over 30s dating profile started.


Significant Others

Whilst you may feel the best picture of you is the one where you are on holiday with your ex (you were so happy!), this is definitely not the photo to put on your profile. One thing that immediately turns a potential partner off is seeing you with an ex. Even an arm around your waist or shoulder is not exactly encouraging. You should stand alone, available and confident in your own right – not appear to be an appendage to someone else.



Try to locate yourself in a setting where the background is not too distracting. Outdoors in good, indoors is fine. But a long distance shot of you dwarfed by a mountain is not great. And a picture of you in a less than spotless kitchen is a definite no-no. Think before you click!



You might be astonished to hear how many over 30s daters don’t smile in their photos. This can be down to nerves, and a natural reluctance to be in front of the camera. But equally, you may feel that you look at your smouldering best when you look mean and moody. This is almost always a bad idea. We respond best to people when they appear open, happy and relaxed. Dark, moody photos appear contrived, and as if we have something to hide. Have a cocktail, get your girlfriends round and take some photos. Have fun with it. Men can ask their mates to take a photo when you’re not expecting it when you’re out walking or doing something relaxing. If you’re nervous about your photo it will come across. Just relax and trust your mates to pick your best side.



You might find the perfect photo of yourself, but for one or two blemishes. Red-eye is a classic example. But there is no need to discard that photo. Simple photo editing software can remove red-eye in a second and is not hard to use. Give it a go. There is no harm is blurring out that annoying spot that isn’t usually there, too. But heavy Photoshopping of images will be noticeable, so go easy on the airbrushing. Again, it speaks of concealment, and a lack of openness. Be your beautiful self. There is someone out there for everyone.


Be Confident

Do you feel confident about your appearance? If you answer ‘no’ to this question, then you are certainly not alone. Many people feel that they should be thinner, with more lustrous hair, whiter teeth, and bluer eyes. It’s a fact of life that we cannot be all things to all people. It’s also a fact that the number of people who are physically perfect is zero. Forget magazine blackmail. You will be beautiful or handsome to someone else. If only beautiful people found partners we would have died out as a species long ago. Take a deep breath, believe that and paste a big smile on your face, as if you have just spotted the man or woman of your dreams. Who knows? Maybe you will.


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