Online Dating Profiles. Lines To Avoid!

Don’t announce how terrible it is to being reduced to trying an online dating site. Everybody who is reading your profile is single and on an online dating site!

Don’t write tagline’s to do with Brigit Jones or Mr Darcy. Its been done to death.

Cut out the Latin motoes like ‘carp diem’ (sieze the day). It sounds pretentious.

Don’t describe yourself as funny. Funny is in the eye of the beholder. To me its Spike Milligan and to you it could be Michael Macintyre (god forbid).

Modesty like boasting can be overdone. We all like a self depracating person but be careful not to sound like a martyr or world class loser.

For heavens sake don’t put your pet photo’s on the profile. Who gives a stuff watch ‘Butch’ the Ferret looks like.

Do not go on about your pets particularly cat’s. For cat’s read ‘eccentric woman with no friends’.

We all love the positive. Don’t tell your tale of woe (we all have one) in the profile.

The world is full of injustices. Don’t use your dating profile to set the world to rights.

An old photo is a no-no if you actually intend to meet people.

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