Ladies – How to write a great online dating profile

To write a great online dating profile then consider who you are first and be honest with assessment.

Figure out, your likes and dislikes, strengths and weakness’s, tastes in music, food, travel etc….  Do an inventory, if you’re a sensitive soul, say so… The truth brings action and power to the dating game, without it the potential for fun can be missed.

Be honest, be precise, and be specific. Don’t allow yourself to trot out the usual trite phrases, “enjoy nights in” because most of us do in the UK especially in winter! Rather use the space to be slightly more inventive and eye catching without being dishonest. If your 5ft 1” and enjoy car boot sales, don’t pretend to be 5ft 6” and an antiques expert or you will be found out and look an idiot at best or untrustworthy at least.

The biggest turn on for potential dates is if you show you have a sense of humour. We are not talking about publishing your joke book here, just a light coating of wit will work wonders. Nobody wants to go out with a woman who dominates the scene with a none stop barrage of jokes but every man wants to enjoy a sense of humour.

The number of responses, increase dramatically with a good photograph. Use a fairly recent photo. Avoid old photo’s that no longer represent the person you are now, it doesn’t pay to have a discrepancy between the picture and what you really look like.  Don’t have your mates or an ex-girlfriend on it! Try to show you in an ordinary context that people can relate to. The picture of you with a ‘kiss me quick hat’ doing the conga may be great fun but not likely to attract the widest audience.

Spell-check your profile and try to avoid ‘text speak’ as this can be confusing to some people. Correct your grammar and punctuation.  It’s also a good idea to get a friend to proofread your words.

We are our own worst critics and many people tend to focus on the downside of their appearance and experiences. Guess what? We are all too fat, too thin, too short, too tall and having bad hair days. The truth is that there is someone out there for everyone and starting off by criticising yourself is no way to attract them. Neither is being over the top and bigging yourself up to a degree that is bound to disappoint when you do meet.

We all know that men can get easily get bored especially if you drone on about your favourite nail varnish colour. So, keep it realistic, witty and leave them wanting to know more.



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