Five Tips for Online Dating

New to on-line dating or just find yourself getting nowhere? You’re not alone, there are millions of people using online dating every single day, and whilst many of them are finding love, there are others who’re still waiting for that perfect somebody. If that sounds like you, then check out our five fantastic tips for online dating below.


1)      Relax: Like anything good, sometimes you have to wait a little while. Nothing is a turn off like being overly keen, so take a step back and relax. Be casual in conversation and see where things lead, there’s no rush, love comes slowly at times.

2)      Put effort into your profile: Beyond your profile picture, the words you choose to use in your profile will define the early reactions people have to you. Take your time and put effort into making it a true reflection of your own personality – not what you think people want to see.

womans profile picture

3)      See beyond profile pictures: Given the wealth of people on any given dating website, it’s tempting to dismiss people based on the first thing we see of them: the profile picture. Do yourself a favour and look past their profile picture, what’s inside might be just what you’re looking for.

4)      Make the first move: This one goes out to you, ladies. Studies have shown that women are much less likely to contact a man first, typically waiting for the man to message first. Whilst that logic could hold in a bar when you catch eyes, online it just doesn’t work. Men love when women make the first move, so give it a try, what’s the worst that happens?

5)      Be yourself: You’ll have heard that mantra said a million times, but when it comes to on-line dating always be yourself. Even if you don’t think your personality is attractive, trying to act like somebody you aren’t will only end in disappointment for everybody involved.


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