Dating over 30 with confidence

Did you know that by 2020 more than three quarters of the population of the UK will be over thirty? This, combined with the increasing rate of divorce, means that the number of people in their thirties finding themselves back on the dating market is set to rocket. This should be enough to give everyone over thirty plenty of confidence. Dating over 30 is no longer going to be a minority activity. We’re going to be taking over!

Single Over Thirty
Internet dating has predicted this demographic shift, and moved to accommodate it. The number of singles looking for love online is set to skyrocket, and the over thirties are already embracing the Internet dating age with confidence. It’s no longer the case that men and women in the thirties are seen as hopelessly middle-aged and dull. We have more time and money at our disposal, and the dating industry is there to meet the needs of this market.

Reasons To Feel Confident
Over thirties are always more confident than the younger generation. By the time you reach your thirties you will have so much life experience that it will be pretty difficult to throw you off kilter. Children, marriage, careers, bereavements, illnesses, travel and home ownership have equipped us to deal with just about anything that life has to throw at us. We don’t need to ask anyone’s permission to be ourselves, and we don’t really care what people think of us. Not as much as the younger generation anyway. In many ways your thirties are a time of enormous freedom and potential. It is a great age to look for a new partner, and over thirties are certainly not being slow to embrace the opportunities out there. Over thirties dating is a growth industry, so don’t feel as if you’re the only one doing it.

We are at a different stage of life when we enter our thirties, one which is far less pressured. Because we are not looking to start a family, and tend to have our own income, the things we are looking for when beginning to date are more closely tied to friendship and companionship than to anything else. We want someone we can have a laugh with, and enjoy being with, someone to get old with.

People over thirty seem to be disregarded as sexual beings by the media industry. What we do know, according to the charity Relate, is that people can remain sexually active into their seventies. The desire to enjoy a loving sexual relationship never really leaves us entirely. These days, aging is not a barrier to sexual activity, with drugs like Viagra on the market. It is commonly taken by men over thirty to give them a boost.

Body Confidence
With all this great news about dating over thirty, why do some still lack confidence? It is inevitable that we have anxieties about our physical appearance as we get older. What was once young and pert tends to head south, and it inevitably leaves us feeling less attractive. Waistlines thicken with middle age, in men, and post menopause in women. It’s just what happens to bodies, and there is not much that can be done about it. We must learn to accept ourselves for who we are and how we look. Accepting the changes is part of our maturing process. Whoever you are dating will be having similar anxieties, but try to put them aside and accept that both of you are still as attractive as you ever were, in so many ways. Look deeper – as the over thirties can do – and find the person inside who, romantically, is not a day over twenty.

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